Down The Rabbit Hole Podcast
Danny and Matt discuss things that interest them, and more importantly, topics they are passionate about. More often than not, politics and the news of the day.

Contact the hosts at matt@bagofmadbastards.com or danny@bagofmadbastards.com.

Drunken Monkey Tech Podcast
Lee and Matt discuss videogames, technology news, and social trends surrounding tech culture.

Contact the hosts at matt@bagofmadbastards.com or lee@bagofmadbastards.com.

Marvelous Bastards Podcast
Josh and Matt discuss current and past Marvel Comics, historically important storylines in the Marvel Universe, and how they apply to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Contact the hosts at matt@bagofmadbastards.com or josh@bagofmadbastards.com.

Serve The Song Podcast
Jared and Matt spend time with working musicians, jamming and discussing what makes them tick. Shows are posted in ‘Seasons’, and not on a weekly schedule.

Contact the hosts at matt@bagofmadbastards.com or jared@bagofmadbastards.com.

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  1. winona says:

    Hey just wanted to know if http://www.bitchslap-cosmetics.com was your creation?

  2. LOL No… there’s a lot of Bitch Slap products and sites, that’s why ours is officially B!tch Sl@p. Yes, it’s a trademark.

    No current plans for a cosmetics line.

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